Who Am I?

This is a handy video rundown of the recall election.

The 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks

Harry Smith looks back to 2001.

Many Afghans flee the country after Taliban takeover

NBC News reports on the evacuation efforts in Kabul.

New study finds giraffes are as social as chimps and elephants

Watch this Nat Geo WILD video to learn more about giraffes.

FDA approves COVID vaccine as Delta variant spreads

Today covers the COVID vaccine's FDA approval.

Country of the Week: Germany

Germany has a long history and a fascinating culture.

This Week in History: Labor Day

Here is a great video history of Labor Day.

Faces and Places

Sirhan Sirhan: CBS this morning reports on possible parole for Sirhan Sirhan.

Charlie Watts: ABC News remembers Rolling Stone's drummer Charlie Watts.

Louisiana: The Washington Post covers the damage done by Hurricane Ida.

Singapore: CNA reports on Singapore's vaccination success and vaccine swap with Australia.

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