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What Is NewsCurrents?
NewsCurrents is a weekly current events discussion program. There is simply no other program like it. It is the only program that uses an interactive, multisensory discussion format that concentrates your students' attention and encourages them to think and talk about important issues.

NewsCurrents uses current events to teach history, geography, civics, critical thinking, language arts, vocabulary, science, and much more.

Each issue is written on three learning levels so it can be used from grades 3 to 12. The format makes it ideal for today's differentiated classrooms. It is also used extensively for ELL, gifted and talented, and special education.

How Does It Work?
As a subscriber, you get a new issue of NewsCurrents every week for 34 weeks of the school year. Each issue consists of 17 still teaching images (DVD or online) and a corresponding teacher's discussion guide (available in print or downloadable).

The teacher's guide gives you everything you need to conduct a teacher-directed discussion about important stories in the news, as well as educational stories related to the arts, science, health, and more. Each story is written on three learning levels with discussion questions and background information built in.

Students focus on the visual images while they listen and discuss. You will be amazed at how your students build background knowledge, language proficiency, and thinking skills, with regular use of NewsCurrents!

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SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

7134, May 16: Second semester quiz

7133, May 9: Myanmar court sentences Aung San Suu Kyi to more jail time

7132, May 2: Canada's annual seal hunt

7131, April 25: Inflation hits a 40-year high in U.S.

7130, April 18: Tornado outbreaks rattle many southern states

7129, April 11: Congress holds hearing on Medicare for All Act

7128, April 4: Southwestern "megadrought" worst in 1,200 years

7127, March 28: Senate passes Daylight Protection Act

7126, March 21: Saudi-led bombings intensify in Yemen

7125, March 14: Youth environmental lawsuits gain momentum

7124, March 7: Russia invades Ukraine

7123, February 28: President Biden gives his first State of the Union address

7122, February 21: More states and provinces ending mask mandates

7121, February 14: U.S. embargo against Cuba now 60 years old

7120, February 7: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announces retirement

7119, January 31: 2022 Winter Olympics begin in Beijing

7118, January 24: Louisiana pardons Homer Plessy — 130 years later

7117, January 17: Scientists worry about Thwaites, the ?doomsday glacier"

7116, January 10: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who helped end apartheid, dies at age 90

7115, January 3: First Semester Quiz

7114, December 13: Travel restrictions resume as omicron variant spreads

7113, December 6: Will Congress pass President Biden's scaled-back budget bill?

7112, November 29: The battle over gray wolves

7111, November 15: Threat of filibuster blocks John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

7109, November 8: Unsafe water in Benton Harbor

7109, November 1: NASA's mission to explore the "Trojan" asteroids

7108, October 25: Colin Powell, former secretary of tate, dies at 84

7107, October 18: Two "courageous" journalists share 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

7106, October 11: Controversial pipeline back in business

7105, October 4: Supreme Court begins fall term

7104, September 27: New report a "wake-up call" for global warming

7103, September 20: Congress debates a $3.5 trillion spending bill

7102, September 13: Constitution Day

7101, September 6: The 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks

7034, May 17: Second Semester Quiz

7033, May 10: D.C. statehood: Just a vote away?

7032, May 3: U.S. announces withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

7031, April 26: New jobs plan focuses on crumbling U.S. infrastructure

7030, April 19: Prince Philip dies at age 99

7029, April 12: Myanmar crisis deepens

7028, April 5: President Biden proposes new gun control measures

7027, March 29: Sharp increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans

7026, March 22: "Beginning of the end" for Yemen crisis?

7025, March 15: House passes major voting rights bill

7024, March 8: Student loan debt: To forgive or not to forgive?

7023, March 1: Ice storm causes widespread power outages

7022, February 22: National Museum of African American Music opens

7021, February 15: Honduran immigrants hope for asylum in U.S.

7020, February 8: Battle over the filibuster

7019, February 1: Singapore first to approve lab-grown meat

7018, January 25: Seagrass: the forgotten ecosystem

7017, January 18: Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol

7016, January 11: The legacy of President Trump

7016, January 11: The legacy of President Trump

7015, January 4: First Semester Quiz

7014, December 14: Supreme Court hears forced labor case against U.S. corporations

7013, December 7: The fascinating world of fungi

7012, November 30: Coronavirus surges in U.S., as vaccines make progress

7011, November 16: Joe Biden wins 2020 presidential election

7010, November 9: What is the future of fracking?

7009, November 2: Bolivia restores MAS to power

7008, October 26: Campaign 2020: Will the election be fair?

7007, October 19: World Food Programme wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

7006, October 12: President Trump infected with COVID-19

7005, October 5: Supreme Court fall session begins

7004, September 28: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020)

7003, September 21: Campaign 2020: The Electoral College

7002, September 14: Constitution Day is September 17th

7001, September 7: The 2020 presidential race heats up


6933, May 4: Supreme Court: Jury convictions must be unanimous

6932, April 27: USPS facing uncertain future

6931, April 20: High stakes in felony voting rights case

6930, April 13: Judge orders review of Dakota Access Pipeline

6929, April 6: The 2020 Census

6928, March 30: Coronavirus lockdown is reducing pollution

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