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What Is NewsCurrents?
NewsCurrents is a weekly current events discussion program. There is simply no other program like it. It is the only program that uses an interactive, multisensory discussion format that concentrates your students' attention and encourages them to think and talk about important issues.

NewsCurrents uses current events to teach history, geography, civics, critical thinking, language arts, vocabulary, science, and much more.

Each issue is written on three learning levels so it can be used from grades 3 to 12. The format makes it ideal for today's differentiated classrooms. It is also used extensively for ELL, gifted and talented, and special education.

How Does It Work?
As a subscriber, you get a new issue of NewsCurrents every week for 34 weeks of the school year. Each issue consists of 17 still teaching images (DVD or online) and a corresponding teacher's discussion guide (available in print or downloadable).

The teacher's guide gives you everything you need to conduct a teacher-directed discussion about important stories in the news, as well as educational stories related to the arts, science, health, and more. Each story is written on three learning levels with discussion questions and background information built in.

Students focus on the visual images while they listen and discuss. You will be amazed at how your students build background knowledge, language proficiency, and thinking skills, with regular use of NewsCurrents!

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SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019

6818, January 21: Japan to resume commercial whaling

6817, January 14: Trump announces troop withdrawal from Syria

6816, January 7: Newscurrents first semester quiz

6815, December 17: Chickenpox outbreak in North Carolina

6814, December 10: George H.W. Bush (1924-2018)

6813, December 3: Juliana v. United States: "No ordinary lawsuit"

6812, November 26: November is Native American Heritage Month

6811, November 12: Ocean noise affects dolphin communication

6810, November 5: Migrant caravan heads to U.S. border

6809, October 29: War in Yemen Continues

6808, October 22: U.N. report sounds alarm on climate change

6807, October 15: The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winners

6806, October 8: The 2018 midterm elections

6805, October 1: The Supreme Court back in session

6804, September 24: Hurricane Florence hits the southeast coast

6803, September 17: Constitution Day

6802, September 10: Harmful algae blooms in Florida

6801, September 3: Senator John McCain: 1936-2018

6734, May 14: Second semester quiz

6733, May 7: Cuba gets a new president

6732, April 30: Disaster for the Great Barrier Reef

6731, April 23: U.S. launches missile strikes on Syria

6730, April 16: 2020 census will include a citizenship question

6729, April 9: Sisi wins second presidential term in Egypt.

6728, April 2: 50th anniversary of King assassination

6727, March 26: Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76

6726, March 19: The U.S. fifty years after Kerner report

6725, March 12: Afghan president makes surprising peace offer

6724, March 5: A need for new antibiotics

6723, February 26: President Trump's budget request

6722, February 19: Cape Town is almost out of water

6721, February 12: Has the wreck of the Clotilda been found?

6720, February 5: 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

6719, January 29: The most dangerous places for journalists

6718, January 22: State of the Union 2018

6717, January 15: Congress passes tax reform bill

6716, January 8: NewsCurrents first semester quiz

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