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Myanmar crisis deepens — page 1 
After the recent coup, soldiers have killed hundreds of protesters.
Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. On February 1, 2021, the elected government of Myanmar was overthrown by the nation’s military. The sudden takeover of a country’s government by its military is called a coup. Many people in Myanmar have been protesting in the streets since then. But the military, called the Tatmadaw, has responded by firing bullets into crowds of demonstrators. So far, the Tatmadaw has killed more than 500 protesters, and arrested thousands more. They have even shot some people in their homes. Despite these violent crackdowns, people are still protesting the coup in cities across the country. Over Easter weekend, protesters wrote anti-coup messages on Easter eggs and posted them on social media.

The Tatmadaw has claimed that it had to crack down on violent demonstrators. But the protesters have been mostly peaceful. Some demonstrators held up pictures of former State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. In Myanmar, the State Counsellor is like the prime minister. She and other government officials were taken into custody on February 1st.

Many foreign nations have spoken against the coup. One of these countries is the United States. President Biden has signed an executive order for sanctions against members of Myanmar’s military government and their families. Sanctions are often in the form of financial penalties meant to force political or social change.
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