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White House releases 2020 budget — page 1 
Preparing for the new budget year, which begins on October 1st.
Each year, the White House must prepare and present a budget request to Congress. A budget request is the president’s plan for raising and spending money for the coming year. President Trump recently released his budget for the next budget year. This “budget year” is not the same as the calendar year. It begins on October 1st, 2019, and ends on September 30th, 2020. Because Congress takes over the rest of the budget process, the president’s budget request is actually a list of recommendations.

President Trump’s budget recommends spending about $4.75 trillion during the 2020 budget year. A trillion is a thousand billion. This is the largest federal budget ever submitted to Congress.

The military and defense spending is at the top of the list of things the president wants to spend more on. This would include a pay raise for military members. The president also wants to increase spending for the Department of Homeland Security. Much of the increase for Homeland Security would help build a wall along the U.S./ Mexico border. The budget also proposes new spending for healthcare for veterans and for anti-opioid programs.

President Trump’s budget would cut funding for other programs and departments, including Medicaid, a healthcare program for poor people, and Social Security, which provides benefits to older people or those unable to work. The budget would also cut Medicare, the healthcare program for people 65 and up. The budget also makes big cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Education Department. And it would also cut a lot of money from programs to help low-income people and to reduce poverty.

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