Their How to submit really great cartoons


1. Be most concerned with the originality and clarity of your cartoon's ideas. The artistic merit of the cartoon will be considered secondarily and only after the judges have had a nice meal.

2. Select news stories of major continuing interest -- what's news in December may not be news in March, when the contest closes. And few people outside of your family are going to be interested in a caricature of your uncle Ernie.

3. Study some professionally drawn editorial cartoons closely before trying to create one of your own. Remember, study them, but don't copy them.

4. Don't clutter your cartoon with too many different ideas. Decide on a single point you want to make.

5. Use black ink on white paper. Draw in bold lines. Keep lettering large and legible.

6. Draw your cartoons in a horizontal, not vertical, format. We're not sure why, but vertical just isn't as good.

7. Don't create a cartoon that is just a slogan ("Don't Smoke", "Watch Less TV", etc.). Be funny or thought provoking. Or both.

8. Again, and we cannot stress this enough, be original. Your cartoon may express a widely held view of a leader or issue, but it cannot reflect another cartoonist's way of expressing that idea.


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