The NewsCurrents Student Editorial Cartoons provides young people with a unique way to express their opinions about current issues. Entering is fun, easy, educational, and rewarding.

Here's how to submit your editorial cartoons to NewsCurrents for possible publication:

1. All elementary, middle, and high school students are eligible to submit cartoons.

2. 2. Entrants must submit original cartoons on any subject of national or international interest.

3. 3. NewsCurrents does not accept responsibility for the authenticity of any cartoons.

4. 4. Each cartoon must have the following printed legibly on the back: the student's name, grade, address, home telephone number, teacher's name, name of school, school address, and school telephone number.

5. 5. All cartoons become the property of Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. Cartoons may be used for promotional purposes at our discretion. Cartoonists retain the copyright for their work.

6. 6. Sorry, but we cannot return the cartoons. So remember to keep a copy for yourself.

7. Mail your entries to:

NewsCurrents Cartoon Contest
P.O. Box 52
Madison, WI 53701
Tips on entering really good cartoons
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