NewsCurrents: The World's Best Current Events Program

NewsCurrents is a full-service current events discussion program that will get your whole class involved.

NewsCurrents works with a wide-range of students. Written on three learning levels, it can be used in grades 3 to 12. It is also used in special education and gifted and talented programs; in ELL programs and in advanced civics classes.

Here's how it works: each week you receive a new issue (for 34 weeks of the year) on DVD or online accessible with images corresponding to 5 or 6 stories in that week's news. You also receive a printed teacher's guide, which is mailed to you. The teacher's guide contains everything you need, along with the visuals, to lead great current events discussions.

NewsCurrents is the only current events program to use a discussion format that engages your students while they learn. NewsCurrents helps students to develop a knowledge base across the curriculum, while building critical thinking and verbal skills.

NewsCurrents connects current events to history, economics, civics, the arts, science, and more. Your students are guaranteed to perform better on standardized tests with regular participation in the NewsCurrents program.

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Teacher's discussion guide

Choice of DVD or online images including people, places, maps and charts

Five to six news stories with background information and built-in discussion questions

Reproducible student activities

Stories written on three vocabulary and concept levels for grades 3 and up

Review quizzes written on three levels

Editorial cartoon feature and activity

Web links for research

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ONLINE: $259

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